Home-Based FFL Guide

Contrary to popular belief, getting a home based FFL is perfectly legal, easy to do, and very common. Unfortunately, there are many myths about getting a home based FFL from the BATF. So, why should you trust the information I’m writing for you here? I’m an actual firearms attorney and specialist in ATF compliance who’s […]

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Shopify Bans Firearm Sales

Shopify Bans Online Firearm and Gun Part Sales

Shopify just amended their definitions of restricted items to include many firearms and parts. This means that these gun parts and firearms are not allowed to be sold online using Shopify’s services. Banned Firearms for Sale Online on Shopify Shopify’s new policy against online firearm sales prohibits the online sale of the following firearms using […]


Assault Weapons Ban of 2018

The Assault Weapon Ban of 2018 has been introduced in Congress. The new Assault Weapon Ban proposal is similar in structure to the previous Assault Weapon ban of 1994 with one major difference – the new AWB is stricter. Despite the horrible news for gun rights, there is an important exemption that you should know […]

Firearms as Gifts

Firearms as Gifts

Christmas is coming soon! If you’re already an FFL, you’re likely to have customers looking to purchase a firearm as a gift for somebody else. If you’re not already an FFL, what are you waiting for? You can start the process of getting your FFL today! Although this is a great time for increased sales, […]

NFA Firearms by State

NFA Firearms by State

As I mentioned in our article on reduced NFA wait times, NFATracker is an awesome resource for our community. These guys collect and display various ATF paperwork approval and NFA transfer information. I’m including some information from their website here, but you really should go check them out on your own. While you’re there, you […]

Faster NFA Processing Times

NFA Approval Times Getting Faster!

We’ve got some great news for our industry… NFA paperwork processing times from the ATF are dropping. We have even better news for you if you already have your FFL. This is likely to encourage more customers to buy NFA firearms (like silencers, short barreled rifles, and more) from you!  Considering that you can make […]

Gun Laws - Violence

Why More Gun Laws Won’t Prevent Violence

No, more gun laws won’t prevent more violence. In fact, our current laws don’t even prevent violence. That doesn’t mean that we need more/better laws. Instead, more restrictions will only make more victims. In this article, we’re going to cover: Current Gun Laws Don’t Work Gun laws don’t stop violence. In fact, no laws stop […]

ATF Inspections DOD

ATF Inspection Process for DOD Contractors

Today, the ATF released an overview of the inspection process for FFLs who are also Department of Defense Contractors. You can view/download the ATF Inspection Process for DOD Contractors, or read it in full below. NOTE: This process is similar, but different from, the normal ATF inspection process for FFLs who are not also DOD […]

Straw Purchases

What is a Straw Purchase?

Q: What is a Straw Purchase? A: A straw purchase occurs when one person buys a gun for someone else who is either prohibited by law from possessing a gun or who does not want his or her name associated with the transaction. A straw purchase is a felony with a punishment of 10 years […]

Silencers - Vegas

Silencer Would NOT Have Made Vegas Shooting Worse

Despite what Hillary Clinton tweeted after the horrible Las Vegas shooting, a silencer would not have made the shooting worse. I make this claim for three reasons: 1 – Silencers don’t work like she thinks they do, 2 – There is no current law preventing the shooter from using a silencer, and 3 – The […]

Rapid Fire Devices

Legality of Rapid-Fire Devices – Not Machine Guns nor Fully Automatic

With the recent horrible shooting event in Las Vegas, Nevada, where 59 people were murdered and hundreds more were injured, the question about whether the shooter actually used a full-automatic machine gun has been popular. I may have inadvertently started this debate. When I first learned of the attack this morning, I saw a video […]

Prohibited Persons

Prohibited Persons / Firearm Possession [2023]

“Prohibited persons” may not possess firearms or ammunition. It is also unlawful to knowingly give a prohibited person firearms or ammunition. Those restrictions seem straight-forward, but there are unique definitions and exceptions that apply. These details should be understood so that you know exactly who is a prohibited person and precisely what they are prohibited […]


ATF Procedure 2017-1 – Private Firearm Transfers Through FFLs

Recently the ATF published Procedure 2017-1 (not ATF Ruling 2017-1). ATF Procedure 2017-1 “set[s] forth the record-keeping and National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) procedures for a Federal firearms licensee (FFL) who facilitates the transfer of firearms between private unlicensed individuals.” In this article, we’re going to cover: Basic Background and Requirements for Private […]

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