As I mentioned in our article on reduced NFA wait times, NFATracker is an awesome resource for our community. These guys collect and display various ATF paperwork approval and NFA transfer information.

I’m including some information from their website here but you really should go check them out on your own. While you’re there, you might notice that they recommend the same A&D Boundbook¬†software that we do!

One of the neat pieces of information they share is the distribution of NFA firearm transfers by state. Here’s a hint…there’s a clear leader!

Which State has the Most NFA Sales?

Texas has the most NFA firearm sales…by far!

NFA Firearm Sales by State

NFA Firearm Sales by State –


The legend on the map goes from green to blue but Texas is so far in the lead that the map shows light green to dark green and then a giant jump to blue.

Here’s a breakdown of the top states by the number of NFA transfers which shows Texas in the lead with 6,246 which is almost 3 times more than Florida in second place with 2,318:

NFA Firearms by State
State NFA Firearm Transfers
Texas 6,246
Florida 2,318
Virginia 1,745
Pennsylvania 1,588
Georgia 1,470
Arizona 1,380
Washington 1,163


With the recent news of drastically faster ATF processing times for NFA paperwork, this might be the PERFECT time to get your FFL.

I look forward to having you in our industry,