Home-Based FFL Guide

Contrary to popular belief, getting a home based FFL is perfectly legal, easy to do, and very common. Unfortunately, there are many myths about getting a home based FFL from the BATF. Myth #1: The ATF doesn’t allow home-based federal firearms licenses. You can absolutely be an FFL dealer as a home-based business. Myth #2: […]

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how to get your ffl in kentucky

How to Get Your FFL in Kentucky in 4 Steps [With Resources]

Every day, more and more people want to serve their community in a fun and unique way. For some, this means getting a Federal Firearms License (FFL) to be one of the newest gun dealers in their community. Kentucky is an effortless state in which to get your FFL. Due to the lack of restrictive […]

how to get your ffl in kansas

How to Get Your FFL in Kansas (KS): 2021 Guide

America affords many freedoms to its citizens that many countries around the world do not recognize. One of the most apparent freedoms that Americans possess is buying, selling, and trading firearms as a federal firearms licensee. The most passionate gun owners often choose to one day open a gun shop to share these freedoms with […]

how to get you ffl in maryland

How to Get Your FFL in Maryland (MD): Quick Start Guide

Choosing to become a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder is a big responsibility in any state. In Maryland, FFL licensees are responsible for all background checks, selling, distribution, and firearms transfers. There are plenty of requirements to follow when getting your FFL in Maryland. At Rocket FFL, we hope to make your process straightforward, eliminating […]

how to get you ffl in maine

Get Your FFL in Maine (ME): Step-by-Step Guide [2021]

The State of Maine allows Federal Firearms License (FFL) holders to sell, distribute, and manufacture firearms within its borders. Gun dealers will find Maine a pleasant state to do business in, with an abundance of hunting, constitutional carry, and less restrictive gun laws than most states. There are just a few requirements to get your […]

Credit Card Processing for FFLs

Gun Friendly Credit Card Processing for FFLs

If you’re an FFL and you’re looking to accept credit cards as payment for firearm transactions, you have probably already found out how hard it is to find a credit card processing company that will work with you. You also may have found how confusing the entire process can be. In this article, we’re going […]

ffl requirements

FFL Requirements – How To Qualify for a Firearm License [2021]

Ok, you’re thinking about becoming a firearms dealer or even a licensed manufacturer and you know that you’ll need to become a federal firearms licensee (get an FFL), but you’re not sure about the requirements for becoming an ffl holder. We get it – the whole process can seem complicated, and possibly overwhelming. First, you’ll […]

FFL Transfers

FFL Transfer – How to Transfer a Firearm [2021]

Have you ever tried to send or receive a firearm but weren’t sure how to do it? Maybe you just bought a firearm online, or you need to ship a gun, and you’re wondering how to transfer it. You might have looked into transferring the gun and you learned that transfers the gun through an […]

eZ Check System

FFL EZ Check [2021] – Everything you Need to Know

FFL eZ Check is a free system run by the ATF to help confirm the validity of a Federal Firearm License (FFL). The eZ Check system is a great tool for what it is designed for: to make sure that an FFL is legitimate. In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to […]

how to get your ffl in iowa

How to Get Your FFL in Iowa: Full Guide [2021 Update]

The firearms industry is full of people passionate about exercising their second amendment rights to the fullest extent. This includes people who want to serve their communities by becoming Federal Firearms License Holders. A Federal Firearms License (FFL) allows you to legally sell firearms, ammo, and other NFA items (such as suppressors, short-barrel rifles, automatic […]

how to get your ffl in indiana

4 Steps to Get Your FFL in Indiana (IN) [2021 Guide]

As a gun dealer in the state of Indiana, you can serve your community in a way that few others can. Having a Federal Firearms License (FFL) allows you to legally buy and sell firearms, ammo, and other NFA items. It is because of this privilege that people across the nation want to open their […]

how to get your ffl in ca

[2021 Update] How to Get Your FFL License in California

When it comes to the process of applying for your Federal Firearms License (FFL), each state has its own unique set of rules and regulations that you must follow. Local zoning laws can cause some sticky problems in becoming a gun dealer. California is notorious for having some of the strictest firearms regulations in America. […]

FFL Costs

FFL License Cost [2021] – How Much is a Federal Firearm License?

Depending on the license type, an FFL costs between $30 and $200 for three years. In this article, we break down all FFL License fees (including SOT/Class 3).

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