Even though we focus on helping people become FFLs and stay out of trouble with the ATF, we are still well within the “firearms law” realm and are often asked about “concealed carry insurance.”

Usually the questions we receive are:

  • Should I get concealed carry insurance?
  • Is concealed carry insurance a scam?
  • If I should get CCW insurance, which company’s plan should I go with?

Well, we’ve got some bad news…

We can’t answer those questions for you. It’s not because we’re not “allowed” but rather because we don’t know enough about you and your particular situation.

For example, how risk adverse are you? Do you even carry a concealed firearm for self defense? Do you have the cash reserves to cover your own legal expenses for a trial after a defensive gun use?

I like to make this analogy: I can’t tell you whether you should get concealed carry insurance just like you can’t tell me whether I should get flood insurance for my home.

However, I can help point you in the right direction so that you can make up your own mind on whether ccw insurance is right for you, and if it is, what concealed carry legal defense plan you should get.

I compared and ranked the top 5 companies offering these type of legal protection services (it’s not really “insurance”) in this Review and Comparison of the Best Concealed Carry Insurance.

In that review you can see what each company offers for legal defense, who is covered under their plans, where the coverage applies, and how much it costs.

If you’d like to just skip ahead, you can learn about the plan I purchased (and why) in this CCW Safe Review.