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Electronic Bound Book

ATF Ruling 2016-1 compliant cloud based A&D book that only has you acquire a firearm (bar code and SKU scanning support).  All other records and forms are automated through the retail sales process.

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Multiple Sales Reporting

Report for Multiple Sale of Pistols and Revolvers as well as Certain Rifles in border states are automatically generated during qualifying multiple sale transactions.

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Automated 4473

ATF Ruling 2016-2 compliant electronic 4473 that retrieves values from the electronic A&D book and writes the disposition automatically as part of the retail sales process.

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Employee Activity Monitor

Allows owners and managers to review activity of any user on the account as well as restrict access to certain features for non-management employees.

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Kiosk Mode

Turn any computer, laptop or tablet into a locked kiosk input device with digital signature support for retail customers to fill out paperwork without giving your customer access to the entire system.

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NFA Reservation System

Places NFA items in a reserved status which does not allow them to be disposed or placed on multiple forms until a tax stamp is approved, automates the Form 2, 3 and 4.

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Integrated Background Check

Run Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal (LEEP) FBI background checks from within FFL Boss and auto populate the results on the electronic 4473.

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Digital Signatures

Sign any signature line on ATF forms in your browser, for example, Fields 14, 22 and 34 on the 4473, no signature pad or signature device needed.

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…and many more!