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July 2017 ATF Newsletter

ATF’s FFL Newsletter – July 2017

The ATF just released their July 2017 newsletter. These ATF newsletters are periodically released to help update the firearms industry on internal ATF news, as well as clarify and/or explain recent ATF rulings. This newsletter covered: Announcement – ATF stands up the National Firearms Act (NFA) Division Firearm Thefts & Burglaries Burglary and Robbery Statistics […]

e4473 Form

New 4473 eForm Available from ATF

The ATF revised the Form 4473 most recently in October 2016, and the new 4473 was required to be used starting on January 16, 2017. 4473 Paper Copies Unfortunately, the ATF shut off their eForm 4473 software because they didn’t update it in time for the new requirement – this meant that FFLs were required […]

Time to Get an FFL

It’s Time to Get an FFL!

“The 8-year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end” – President Trump at the 2017 NRA Annual Meeting. Waiting to Get Your FFL? Like many Americans, you might have been hesitant to get an FFL because (1) you didn’t understand the process to get your FFL license, (2) you don’t […]

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Summary of Obama’s Gun Control Executive Orders

President Obama’s Proposed Executive Orders on Gun Control President Obama is set to announce executive orders on gun control later this week.  Today, a fact sheet summarizing Obama’s proposed gun control executive actions was published (see full text below).  The fact sheet outlines four key proposed initiatives of Obama’s executive actions on gun control: Keep […]

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