Thanks for joining the affiliate program!

I’m excited to have you as part of the RocketFFL referral program. Please share the link far and wide – you’ll get 25% of whatever someone you send spends with us!

I’ve put together a simple video explaining how the system works:

If someone uses your unique link and makes a purchase within the next 30 days – you get the credit. A couple exceptions: If they’re already a customer of RocketFFL it won’t work and if they click someone else’s link after yours before their purchase, the most recent link gets the credit.

Here’s a link to go straight to your referral page:

That page is where you can get your unique links to share, view financial reports, and update your PayPal email if needed. PLEASE confirm your PayPal address – that’s where your money is going. We’re not responsible for errors with your address.

If you lose this email or the link, don’t worry – you can access the page by clicking on “affiliate” in the navigation menu at the top of the page for your account when you’re signed in to